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Welcome to the site of Frits Heckler.

I am a Dutch photographer who combines flash and natural light to get the right mood and setting. I don't like boring pictures where every portrait is more of less the same, using every time the same dull background.
I portrait women in a more playful environment, both indoor as outdoor. I like to use props and make special settings.

NEW PICTURES. THE CZECH SNOW GIRLS. Follow the adventures of Rozalinda, Emel, Monika and Sara high in the Czech Mountains.

For more pictures, visit the the portfolio page..
For pictures of the individual models and the latest shoots, visit latest shoots (models).

You also can Contact me for questions and cooperation.

To improve my skills, I still take masterclasses from various famous photographers, such as Sacha Leyendecker in Cologne and Toonen-and-Wientjens, Arnhem.
I shoot in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Croatia and Spain.
At this moment I am building my own home studio in Scheveningen ( The Haque, the Netherlands).
Because I live a few hunderd meters from the seaside and only 50 meters from the dunes, I plan to do a lot of shoots there this year,
using both flash and natural light